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Who can and Who can't create blogs in BuddyPress+Multisite

  • Derek Melo


    Hi guys!

    I’m running a BuddyPress+Multisite installation here and I want to kind of create 2 user levels:
    1 who can create sites.
    1 who can’t create sites.

    These user levels must be changeable by the user in the user profile of buddypress, and I need when the user are signing up the registration to become user of the buddypress site to have a logical condition based on the user type, so user can choose:
    Be a member who can’t create
    Be a member who can create

    And if the user choose to be a member who can create sites, the other information about site name and other things must appear and the user completes his registration.

    If no, the user just can signup without create a new site, and if he visit’s the blog directory for searching blogs that button “Create a Site” can’t appear, this button has to appear just to users who can create sites.

    Is there a plugin to do it all?

    Please guys help me with that, I’m not a php developer.

    I really need this to work.


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  • modemlooper


    Its either the admin or you let anyone. If you want levels of users you need to install a roles plugin that allows finer grain control of allowing users to do certain things

    There’s a number of factors here and no there isn’t a plugin. first if you are going to provide a user selection on registration screen it needs to perform two actions show the blog creation steps if correct selection made and then tie in somehow to a new user capability, strikes me though that there is a fundamental issue here why do you want this? if it’s a certain level of restriction/security then that is flawed as user can select whichever they want if it’s not do you really need to do this? just let the user sign up for a blog or not as is intended as currently written/programmed.


    The requirements here are not hugely trivial to achieve, if you have no coding experience and really want to do this then you are probably best of hiring a developer.



    There are role level plugins but as @hnla has stated they do not work with registration. You would need to set levels yourself or create custom registration screens.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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