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Why is BP Jobs Board in Third Party Plugins?

  • terraling



    Any good reason why the Jobs Board is buried in Third Party Plug-ins?

    I didn’t even realise there was a jobs board but I came to it by accident via a google search for buddypress developers (arriving at a post by a 3rd party which boasts its site comes top on google for buddypress developer searches!).

    Using the search form for “developers” or “jobs” brings up zero results, even though this forum has “jobs” in the title and there are plenty of posts mentioning one or the other.

    (And while we’re at it, clicking on a user’s handle in a forum post typically brings up a page saying they have no activity, even though their activity is how I found them.)

    And trying to post in this forum… well, I had to put my reading glasses on to scroll through a very long list to find the right one.

    If it were more prominent, it might be more useful.

    Just saying…

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