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Why not leave ”points” to CubePoints?

  • I suppose in part it’s due to there being no detailed “what’s it for?” page typed up for this plugin yet, but I really don’t get what points has got to do with this plugin. You played the “competition is good!” card and I wholeheartedly agree, but I think the good type of competition is the one that offers a different solution to the same problem, not an identical solution all together. So why bother with points when CubePoints is already so exceedingly good at it? I think you’d be better off integrating with CubePoints and working together with the author, as I don’t see a lot to gain from this competition except a race for feature parity.

    This plugin has got something great going for it with the “Awards” system. Why not build more firmly on top of that, instead of meddling with a points system alongside it?

    On a slightly different note, my “site exploration” idea might be of interest.

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    I disagree and wouldn’t want Achievements to have to rely on another plugin for simple points accruement. Cube points is for heavy leaderboard type sites. Achievements is for badge earning. The points in this plugin are so you can easily add an Achievement for when a user is more active I.E. a “super user ” badge.

    I have been extremely busy with contributions to BuddyPress core, and continue to be busy with client work, so I’ve had to prioritise my time. I have added some fixes and enhancements to Achievements this week, and I have targeted to have a small update out this coming weekend.

    I do really appreciate all the questions and feedback, and I am trying my hardest to attend to them all. Again, this is something I hope to be in a better position with at this weekend.

    Regarding this particular topic. Points play an important part of Achievements, but they have a limited scope. They are intended as a simple numerical measure allowing both the site admin and other users to compare themselves to each other. For example, Achievements has a bundled high-score table widget, like you might find in a video game. This concept perhaps isn’t best explored in the current version, but this first version isn’t meant to be / can’t be perfect. :)

    From the site for CubePoints, “CubePoints is a point management system designed for WordPress blogs.” Looking at the images on the CubePoints homepage, it has features which Achievements doesn’t have, such as “gifting points” to each other, and I believe someone’s even written a virtual store for it. I found a Paypal “top up” addon, too, which seems to allow users to convert real-life currency into virtual points.

    Because of CubePoints’ focus on points as well as display of a rank for users, I think this puts it in a middle position between being an implementation of a reputation system, and a virtual currency. If you allow users to buy virtual items (either graphical badges or tokens, or in redemption for physical objects), people who want those items will try to hoard as many points as possible, just as in real life — you want to get paid more money to buy better things, right?
    I appreciate this is only one specific use of CubePoints, but if you use points as a virtual currency as well as a reputation system, use of the currency devalues the worth of those points as for reputation.

    An area that Achievements and CubePoints have in common is that they are also about increasing community participation and “stickiness” in your brand or product. One more comment might just give them that next badge they’ve been working towards, right? Air miles and store loyalty/reward cards have the same concept behind them, and they are all implementations of social gaming (not in the Nintendo Wii sense!).

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    I think it would be easy enough for someone to create an achievements add-on that would translate Achievements points to correspond with a ranking system and/or a points economy like cubepoints has. I think the focus has been more on the badge/awards side for good reason -> it works! Points are there and I think could be manipulated to do just about anything. For example User Ranks:

    0-100 points => trigger Label X for user A
    101 – 200 => trigger Label Y for user B

    I also don’t think Achievements should have to look to other plugins from something like this.

    The achievements point system thats included has a lot of untapped potential from how I see it. An add-on would just need to look for the points by member and translate them however the developer of the add-on wants. This was on my list of things to do with Achievements as I’m really interested in tying Rank labels like Pro, Amateur, etc. to user point ranges. The user meta point system I would guess could be sorted, organized in a list or charts fairly easily as well.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Alright. I’ve followed your logic and I can see how it can make sense to keep it around without it getting out of scope and in the way of more important features, as was my original fear. In this case, my idea of a “site exploration meter” could apply just as well to this plugin then, and ideally I’d like to only use this plugin if I could.

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    I like your idea of a site exploratation meter. I’ve seen something similar done on this non WP/BP site: with great success. They basically just have the meter work based on the points that you gain. So, you could use the Achievement points to create a meter like this pretty easily I think.

    I think I got the idea from LinkedIn, which has this nice way of explaining to you to what degree you have used the site to your advantage.

    It’s an intriguing idea, but to explore the site would require Achievements to detect and record multiple actions in order to use them as a tally. I’ve got no problems enhancing Achievements to do this, but it’ll require some careful thought as to how to build a UI for this.

    I might try to do this before the 2.1 (custom post types) release, but it probably won’t be before the new year as core development and client work will take priority.

    Actually, give it a rest. I’ll try communicate with this developer instead for this particular feature:

    Quite possibly this profile progression plugin could tap into yours. Is there an API of sorts available yet?
    Edit: Oh I see, excellent!
    Edit2: Request made:

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    That looks like Andy’s plugin. I bet Achievements will actually have to plug into it. Although, it’s a good idea to re-use some of Andy’s code for the progress bar. Could basically extend his code in lots of interesting ways. Man, if time were just unlimited.

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