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Wildcard DNS for WP 3.0 & Groupblogs…

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    Hello @MariusOoms & Groupblogs users, I know that the Groupblogs plugin has come a long way. We’re a bit behind the curve in our upgrade to WP 3.0 but just about to get into the latest versions. I just want to make sure we had some things clear. Someone told me that WP 3.0 MU no longer requires Wildcard DNS to be set up. But please let me know if this is actually true. More importantly, as we get into working with Groupblogs plugin, please let me know if we require Wildcard DNS to allow for Group Blogs to be created on sub-domains. This clarification would help us a great deal in getting a proper start for our upgrade. Thanks so much for your good time and response. – Jeff –

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