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Wireframes collections 2

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  • I’m reacting because you asked for reactions.

    I have studied the development tracker and know what you are working on.

    Vertical navigation is a lazy last century solution. It sacrifices content area and for element blocks.

    Having a dynamic horizontal menu is a problem, but there are better solutions than vertical navigation.

    First thing is they should not be styled as tabs. They should be styles as buttons. That way if it breaks the row it can simple create a new row of buttons, instead of having a broken tab list.

    You can also use jquery to create scrolling tabs, such as Firefox uses.

    There are better ways if you really want to find them. Those are just a few. Think of how it would work in a responsive theme and let that be your guide to solving these issues.

    Here is a shot of our Activity page from our development site and how we are using tabs as buttons:

    Short-codes will be a welcome addition to BP, but they still have limitations. Many things can be easily changed with a little css or by a added function or two. However, menu items are not easily changed. It will require editing core js, template tags, and possibly other core files.




    I agree with your point about the reduction in content area; however, I would much rather deal with that “confinement” than having to always look at what may amount to 2–>n rows of buttons/tabs. Standing in the shoes of a user (probably not the typical user), if it, given your mockup, were modified to add another row, then as a user, I would be thinking that this site better be better than sliced bread with butter and marmalade, toasted ever so lightly. Now I’m hungry… thanks!


    OK then lets talk about the problems with dynamic horizontal navigation and the solutions for it.

    How about scroll tabs?



    My mockup does allow for another row. It even takes care of the left padding on the first tab in the row. It is very easy to do. It also requires no js unlike vertical nav would.

    This isn’t what I was talking about but here is the member page which already has 2 rows:

    Tammie Lister


    @FIQ: That’s still got the horizontal navigation issue. Sorry but personally (this is just my opinion) I’m not really into what you’ve done there and would far prefer a menu like we’ve been talking about in the menu discussion thread. I think relying on a js for a menu isn’t a good solution like that and would rather not have that as the default option.

    JQuery tabs can easily on smaller screens hide important information and aren’t the most usable solution for touch devices either in my experience (you’d have to confirm that with any script being suggested though). I think they are a solution that works for more apps or intense interfaces (after all it’s origins is from browser tabs) but not for navigation like this.

    However, it would get a better opinion from all if you put this in the menu thread. My opinion isn’t the say all here it’s just that ‘my opinion’. Others may prefer it and it deserves being seen by all.

Viewing 7 replies - 26 through 32 (of 32 total)
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