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WOW! & Possible Feature

  • jwack


    First off, @DJPaul Wow, just downloaded the recent release and it’s way better than I had hoped for, thanks!

    Second, It would be cool/useful if we could have 2 descriptions for each achievement. One description would be displayed before the achievement is unlocked. The second description would display to the user after unlocking the achievement. This would allow for “secret achievements”. Personally, I think having some achievement secret is would add a new twist to things.

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  • Zigzag McQuack


    Good idea!

    Could you give an example of what you might put in the second description vs. the first description? I’m trying to understand the use case. Thanks.




    But I think just having a check that says “hidden” is enough. That way the achievements may or may not be listed in the directory and users will get surprise badges.



    There is a check for hidden achievements in this new version.

    Currently you can hide them, They are not in listed in the directory. You unlock them (secret achievments) and SURPRISE.

    What would go into a first description that would still allow for it to be secret? I think instead you can build this first description into an achievements news category of your blog. that way users can participate in the achievements game also thru the comments of your posts.



    I didn’t realize when posting this that there is a “hidden feature”. Once one person gets it wouldn’t everyone else be able to see the full achievement by going into there profile? Kind of defeats the purpose of being hidden. I was thinking the first description could just say “This is a secret achievement”. Once unlocked it would say the real description/ how you unlocked it. This is how xbox achievements work. Basically they show you the achievement icon and how many points its worth, then tell you its secret.

    This is just an idea, I personally would use that feature but doesn’t matter either way. I love this plugin as is. Their should be a poll for plugin of the year so I can vote for Achievements!


    I still think what he’s saying is a good idea though. When people unlock achievements it’s displayed in the Activity and everyone on the site can view the description. So if the achievement is hidden the description should read differently than how they unlocked it.

    User who unlocked its desc
    “You unlocked this achievement by doing so and so!”

    User viewing that users achievement who hasn’t unlocked it
    “This user use has unlocked a hidden achievement”

    I think all that made sense. :)

    It is a good idea, but I do not want to force a default “you can’t see this” text because people will want to change it, and I will not add any more text boxes for multiple descriptions until version 2.1, when I will switch to custom post types. This will probably happen early next year.

    There’s also something to be said for letting users show off that they’ve unlocked a hidden Achievement, it adds a bit of intrigue.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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