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WPMU BP Install

  • dasped


    5th complete re-install, rapidly becoming weary, tired and emotional:

    I have my network set up.  Latest version WP with six sub folder sites. Domain mapping is set and three of the sub-sites successfully mapped and functioning. (WP Register etc all working fine.

    So, to ensure I get this right!

    – Multisite Use Management plugin or Join my multisite plugin?  Hazard a quick guess that these both do the same thing. Do I install prtior to Buddypress Install or best left till later?

    Now, I think I finally figured it all out in my head – ‘Elements’ of Buddypress can be used throughout all sites &  I can also determine a master Buddypress site by using the following lines inside wp-config: ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true ); & define ( ‘BP_ROOT_BLOG’, $blog_id );

    -Do I add the above prior to, or after Buddypress install?

    Forgive me if it sounds confusing, believe me I’am! Six days of reading posts, threads and websites (A new pet hate has been born – people who don’t use dates in their blog posts – RAARRR! & Breathe..

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  • dasped


    OK, better attempt at explaining, requesting ‘some/”any” form of constructive and helpful replies’.

    Network set-up: all latest

    Plan: WP MU with BP & BB

    Want BP to run through all sub sites.

    Do I enable BP Enable Multiblog before or after BP install?

    Do I Network Enable BP Then run wizard on all sites I want to display it on? (Is there a way to remove wizard warning, if I don’t want it on there?) Or is it a simple fact that by using enable multiblog, it needs to be on there even if it’s not used?

    When should one use BP Root Blog and for what purpose?



    – What you need to know about WordPress MU :

    – While using WP 3.5.1 you can activate a network by adding define multisite=true into wp-config.
    Aside, you have two possibilities: sub-folder sites (hxxp:// or sub-directory site ( This choice need a wildcard on your host DNS. Both need also some consequent storage capabilities and preferably a VPS/VPN/dedicated server.
    – The main site is where WP is installed (normally at the root > hxxp://, etc)

    – Now you install BP and give your members the possibility to create a blog (or not, and you create them yourself). Those blogs will appear on the BP Blog Directory. Each blog has his own admin interface and individual settings and theming. From the main blog you have to allow or not some of these settings and themes/plugins

    – <cite>BP Root Blog and for what purpose?</cite> defining a root blog gives priority to the designed blog over other blogs, activities and different other informations (i.e  latest post in the latest post widget) Secondary blog posts will only appear in the site wide activity and on their own sidebar, if the latest post widget is set (for example).

    BP shows only a community style template sytem (over some customised components), but it is WP who manage the network.

    i recommand you to read the WP codex:

    also test a fully operationnal BP install on to try to undestand how all this works. 🙂



    Thanks @Chouf1 forsuch a  detailed response. Unfortunately WPMU is not an issue, I’m quite familiar with it and run it on alternative sites already. My current project is where my difficulties began.

    WPMU with multiple sub-sites and mapped domains are all pre-configured and ready to roll. (Users can register, I can upload and post images etc etc)

    BUDDYPRESS: The problem I have experienced over the past week has been Buddypress & bbPress is failing me.

    What I’m therefore trying to achieve, or at least figure out  is exactly why….

    Every time I step forward, from the point I’m at right now and install Buddypress with bbPress things fail! Problems I’m experiencing are as follows.

    An inability to edit, spam, stick etc. Any ‘Sitewide Forum’ – (Group forums are fine)

    E-mails do not get sent to subscribed users.

    Site registration fails, email is sent but link with auth code in fails and no user is created.

    What I’m trying to do here on my 6th complete new install is break things down step by step to see if its a process issue.

    Theme is fully BP & bbP friendly, and all pages display excellently when BP/bbP is installed.

    For the record I can also state that I use Buddypress on an alternate singular site with WP, no issues whatsoever.

    This is my first BP WPMU Install and I can only say its been a complete nightmare, thus far. Hence why I asked the questions I have, trying to breakdown every aspect of my install, process of elimination.

    Questions again –

    Does one enable define ( ‘bp_enable_multiblog’ true ) prior to BP installation or directly afterward, or does it not matter.

    Should one network enable BP & bbPress upon installation or not?

    I have followed The Definitive Guide To BuddyPress & bbPress Configuration, over at to the letter also, but on the last five occasions my WPMU BP bbP istall has failed, as described above.

    Yes, savage troubleshooting headache…

    P.S- Thanks for your Root Blog explination 🙂 Much appreciated.




    Does one enable define ( ‘bp_enable_multiblog’ true ) prior to BP installation or directly afterward, or does it not matter.

    Doesn’t matter. BP is a plugin who went on a single or on a network enabled WP install. bbPress also.

    Should one network enable BP & bbPress upon installation or not?

    see previous answer. If your network is activated, you see under each installed plugin in your network admin the activation link who says “network activate”. Remeber also that with network activated, you have two dashboard as super-admin. One is your main blog and a single WP admin, the other one is the network admin where your BP and bbPress plugins are/should be installed.

    I have followed The Definitive Guide To BuddyPress & bbPress Configuration

    This (good) tutorial was updated for bbPress 2.2+ and BuddyPress 1.6.1+ But time and things changes rapidly on the WP Planet….

    Actually we have 1.6.4 and we are close to 1.7 ! It’s better you read here:
    Be aware with the group forum page slug and the bbP plugin forum page slug – this is really important.

    Before you came accross with new questions, can you please indicate your BP/WP version and your main blog theme name & version ? Or much better, your site url ?



    @Chouf1 Thanks for your continued efforts.

    I can confirm that I have followed the instructions and the video I mentioned is still very much in-line/tune with instructions you linked. Trust me, I have tried ‘ever’ which way in battle against this issue.

    I also understand the slug errors that can arise from their conflicts.

    I have stated in my opening post that this is a current/latest WP MU installation – It stands to reason BP will be the same.

    I did mention much more in my first post: Unfortunately, I felt it necessary to open this thread due to that one drifting off topic and a lack of responses. (This thread began due to same issues I keep/currently having – When I tried to edit out all BP SQL tables for a fresh install, that caused just further issues)

    My main problem here simply lies with a lack of edit-ability with site-wide forum posts, subscribed e-mails not being sent and registration troubles. Group forums function, but don’t mail.

    Other than that, all is well. The purpose of my post is really all about these issues and trying to break down every aspect in my own head and the processes that leads to these problems arising. I really have no idea.

    I have WPMU’s running fine on this server and I have WPBP sites running fine too, this really is just a WPMU  BP bbP issue I can’t get my head round.

    Thanks again.



    Sorry, I just read that back and the ‘It stands to reason BP will be the same.’ comment sounded quite arrogant of me. (Not intentional) and it does not really stand to reason.

    I had been using 1.6.4 stable but have decided that with this attempt I’m going to use 1.7Beta.

    Concentrate on getting one thing working at a time, and it’s easier for us to support if you’re asking one question at a time.

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