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  • Mathieu Viet


    Thanks for pinging me about it @teeboy4real. I confirm what @jamesosborne replied. Webp support has been added into BuddyPress 11.0.0. Don’t hesitate to test the beta to check it will solve your issue.

    Hi @coolhunt

    I don’t think such a resistance exists.

    The first thing you need to introduce a change is the will to contribute to it and we, the BP core team members, will always spend energy to make this change happen in a safe way for all BP end users.

    Some can consider we failed at listening to community needs.. I personally find it very unfair and very demotivating for me and the team. I can tell you I’ve tried at many occasions to let the community tell us what they need:

    – Call for feature ideas, ticket fixes etc… Only the BP core team members contributed to this call.
    – I tweet, post on before each development meeting to invite people to join and raise their voice.
    – I’ve organized codex documentation contribution meetings for 6 months, only the BP core team members joined these meetings : improving documentation needs a lot more contributors.
    – the last time we organized a survey we got 40 replies. One need was raised : Media in BuddyPress and I am working on it.

    With so few inputs, we’re trying to guess according to what we notice using BuddyPress.

    I think we can close this thread: we had interesting inputs, I’ve read/listen to everyone who expressed here. Now it’s time to DO 😉.

    I will soon write a post recap to share how we will schedule the making of ideas / needs you all shared with us.

    Thanks again 👍

    Hi @djpaul

    Yes we still want to change & improve BuddyPress using more features as plugins to do it smoothly. So no “reboot” 💥, but progressive changes 🐢.

    Hi @coolhunt

    Thanks for your feedback. I’m happy to read you found the “platform” that was able to match your expectations. The customer support you get is probably included into the price you pay, that’s probably the reason it’s more efficient 😉

    @mike80222 According to our tests, PHP 8.0 & 8.1 are fine with BuddyPress. Each time we commit we run PHP Unit Tests on PHP from 7.4 to 8.1 see:

    @fawp: for the error log’s notices, it’s relative to your theme, it looks like it’s trying to get some activity information without making sure an activity loop is being processed.

    For the member’s cover header issue, it will be fixed in next beta/RC release, see

    Thanks again for your contribution.

    Hi @fawp,

    Thanks a lot! That’s the right place to warn us about these issues. I’ll have a look at it.

    Hi @fawp

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. I agree making easier for users to know about BuddyPress would be great, this is what I understand about your point on marketing (the right product, at the right time, etc..).

    About documentation, we’ve tried to work on it but temporarily stopped due to the lack of contributions, here’s our last meeting summary about it:

    We’d be very happy if you could help us into this area, we’ve put a staging site in place. If you want to be part of this work I can create an account for you on this staging site 😉

    Awesome! Thanks a lot @javigandia for your feedbacks, kisses and hugs 😍

    Mathieu Viet


    @javigandia About the Kadence theme (at least), it will be resolved very soon, see the #8757 ticket on our Trac environment.

    I believe the patch/PR attached to this ticket might also fix Elementor, @kleb123 can you check it?

    10.6.0 will be released asap.

    Mathieu Viet


    Hi @adjunkten

    Thanks a lot for your post!! I was beginning to be anxious seeing all these template loading issues.

    I’ll check the Kadence theme

    Mathieu Viet


    hi @kleb123 the error is only mentioning the Elementor plugin, is this only happening when BuddyPress is active? What happens if you deactivate it?

    Mathieu Viet


    Hi @javigandia

    It’s very difficult to help you with so few information.

    What’s your theme name and URL where it can be downloaded?
    What’s your setup ? Multisite ? Do you have specific constants related to BuddyPress set into your wp-config.php ?

    Mathieu Viet


    According to the error log, there are issues with this plugin

    Mathieu Viet


    Then what is saying your errorlog file ?

    Mathieu Viet


    Hi I believe it’s a theme issue and advise you to contact the support team of your theme to understand the issue.

    If you want to be sure it’s a theme issue, activate any other WordPress default theme like Twenty Twenty-Two, you should see the registration form is displayed into this theme.

    If not, then it’s probably another plugin conflicting with BuddyPress, deactivate each plugin one by one and when the registration form is back, you’ll have found the problematic plugin.

    All this was written into this sticky topic

    Mathieu Viet


    Have you tried deactivating all your plugins (except BuddyPress of course) + activate any WordPress default theme + define( 'WP_DEBUG', true ) + search your error log file ? Doing so, if the issue is still there, then it’s a BuddyPress issue, otherwise it’s probably another plugin or a theme issue.

    Mathieu Viet


    Hi @staion thanks a lot for your feedback, making all these features new BP Add-ons is a great idea, I totally agree. I’m currently working on a Media Add-on and I hope to make it available for testing soon.

    Hi @unsalkorkmaz Thanks for your feedback, a BP Mobile app would be great for sure 👍

    Hi @osmor1 thanks for your feedbacks, can you elaborate a bit about the activity feed? Do you mean having the possibility to avoid the display of logging activities like ‘A became friend with B’ or ‘A change their cover image’ ?

    Hi @giannis4 interesting ideas, thanks a lot. We do have a small area into the Plugins / Add new WP Admin screen. It’s a Tab we’re generating to list the Add-ons we’re building to ease their discoverability. We probably can think about listing third party BP plugins, but we need to have like a mutual engagements: contribute to BuddyPress at least testing each beta releases + update/maintain the listed plugins to make sure end users can still enjoy them.

    I also agree about statistics, we’ve made some tiny steps in this area with the WP Admin / Extended profile, but I agree we need more data

    Hello @gomle “Make BuddyPress elements ready to use as blocks. And make sure to market it as a “point and click system with Gutenberg”” We are slowly moving into this direction. I’ll soon be able to share a first beta of a new Add-on using a Block Editor to let users post Activity, I believe this will open new opportunities to Block developers to build social features as blocks. Thanks a lot for sharing your WordPress history, thoughts and for coming back to BuddyPress after trying the fork you mentioned 😍.

    Thanks for your feedback @fanvid as you wrote rebooting is a tough move to do. I agree our site should better showcase BuddyPress 👍.

    Mathieu Viet


    Hi @typtyp

    Can you elaborate a bit ?

    I’ve just tested again BuddyPress 10.5.0 with WordPress 6.0.3 having the Twenty Twenty-Two and everything works fine.

    You’re welcome @dimensionmedia. No worries I understood your point 😁. I won’t talk more about this subject here and focus on BuddyPress instead. You made a very good point about the WordPress Plugins directory:

    Ok, so if the WordPress repo is our advantage – then how do we use that advantage? how do we stand out (from member sites and other social plugins)? how do we feature BB plugins that are trust worthy and maintainable that avoid people having to dive into thousands of plugins in this “important advantage”? Good questions, looking forward to hearing more from people about them.

    You’re right, I believe we can try to help Users with this kind of shortcuts:

    BP Addons

    But we’d need more contributors to test/review BuddyPress plugins, which is maybe a too big dream I’m doing, I agree 😇

    What I was meaning, was: It’s possible to transform optional components into plugins and preserve the current user experience and only install what they need, thanks to the API.

    Another advantage of being into plugins directory are updates (semi or fully automatic). The Plugin team is also doing a great job to eventually “suspend” plugins in case of security issues or wrong behaviors.

    Hi @dimensionmedia & @sunsetcowboy

    Thanks a lot for your very interesting feedbacks 😍.

    I think we’ve deliberately avoid the buddyboss subject because it has been talked a lot here and we end up talking more about this fork than BuddyPress 😇.

    I believe we shouldn’t try to do features the same way they’re doing. We need to lead by example, to innovate, to carry on being good citizens of the open source and being supportive about WordPress choices (eg: going into blocks as much as we can).

    I don’t think « customers » are into the BuddyPress « targets ». We want to provide totally free, open source & secure community features to WordPress sites and every human being. We’re trying to make wise & « general interest » oriented choices.

    We have a very important advantage : we are into the WordPress Official Plugins directory, we should really use this advantage and split BuddyPress into smaller parts as it will always be easier to install Addons hosted on the WordPress Plugins directory.

    The « lite » featured Buddypress idea is very interesting, it could be BP Core + BP Members, the only 2 required components.

    And David, we really need to organize this « Buddy-World-Camp » 🙌😅. We also need to get together 😍

    Hi & thanks a lot for your feedback @user4forum

    It’s funny you’re talking about BP Reply by email, as I’ve contributed for comment reply by email for WordPress a while ago and it stayed in the void! See

    I guess we could use some code of it for BuddyPress 😅.

    About BuddyDrive and Rendez-vous, I was their first contributor so I know them pretty well 😀. Some ideas I had when building BuddyDrive came back lately while working on BP Attachments.

    More than being in BP Core, I believe users are expecting plugins to be maintained and we think moving them to BP Core will make this goal satisfied. I’m more interested in a BP Core restricted to the minimum and every other optional components to be packaged into BP Addons we can install and activate separately.

    Hi @djpaul thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts 😍. It’s true BuddyPress backward compatibility is preventing us to do breaking changes. I thought using a plugin to try to migrate to Rewrite API would help make the transition. Problem is not much plugin developers are testing it and we’re stuck.

    Although a bit « radical », I like the idea of restarting from another plugin, it’s probably something we should consider: I agree it’s the safest way to avoid being stuck by backward compat and still have an old plugin for old users and plugin developers 😇.

    I’ll be a bit provocative 😁. I’m wondering since Plugin developers never show up to contribute or test BuddyPress: is maintaining backward compatibility worth the pain?

    Or is the fact we’re maintaining this backward compatibility is the reason why plugin developers are not very involved in contributing to BuddyPress ?

    It’s a very tough choice to make as we’ve all put a lot of ourselves into the « old » plugin.

    Mathieu Viet


    Hi @ok2net @muhittinsahilli & @johnjamesjacoby 😉

    Thanks a lot for your feedbacks 😍. Very interesting ideas!! I’ll add the « spam protection » one I received on Twitter to the list.

    Just like John who gave the right example as a Project Lead, I’ll share my ideas 😁.

    A first category of ideas is about getting more hands to help us build great things:
    – A BuddyPress annual meeting like a BuddyCamp but online to welcome everyone on earth: a « World-BuddyCamp »
    – As BuddyPress is more than just a plugin, we should probably have more « official » teams to compliment the BP Core one: Support, Theme, Docs, REST API, Marketing (?), …
    – The network to host developer/contributors docs & Core development updates.
    – A great BP Standalone theme for the site as well as a replacement for the BP Default theme.
    – Providing recommanded Addons to help new users choose the right BP plugins for their need.

    À second category of ideas is about code:
    – making BP Rewrites the default URL parser,
    – going even more granular than we are, moving optional components as BuddyPress add-ons: this would probably help us to improve each feature and Core/Members with the basic features a user can expect from a community feature software.
    – Blocks to standardize ways to share media/rich tools into activity streams, private conversations and why not Template pack & themes.
    – Of course BP Attachments, user generated media to share with the BP community as well as giving WordPress Admins a new source for their editorial content.
    – Private conversations revamped looking more like private chats / slack exploring WebRTC or Server-Sent Events.

    And finally I invite @dcavins, @espellcaste, @boonebgorges, @djpaul, @r-a-y, @mercime and all the members of the team to follow @johnjamesjacoby example! Let’s all share what we think BuddyPress is missing 😇

    Hi thanks for the report, it looks like a bug with the site membership request feature @dcavins could you look at it?

    I wonder if it’s relative to

    Hi thanks for your feedback and sorry you’re having trouble between BP & PHP 8.0. I also use it but can’t manage to reproduce your issue. You can fix this trouble easily though. You simply need to add the following code:

    remove_filter( 'block_editor_rest_api_preload_paths', 'bp_blocks_preload_paths' );

    into a bp-custom.php file and put it in /wp-content/plugins as explained here:

Viewing 25 replies - 1 through 25 (of 366 total)
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