• no, that didn’t work. what did work eventually was clicking on a link to edit one of my pages .. and that had the effect of letting me into the dashboard.

  • Only just found this reply. (Think I’m confused between subscriptions and favourites??) Anyway … Thanks very much. My theme is 2010 Weaver – current version 1.2.3 .. WP 3.0.1 .. BP Anyway … just did some more tinkering. Disaster at first resulting in near death .. but got out alive, and continued. Now realised [...]

  • Just logged in to my admin, and in the process updated my theme, and two plugins – Akismet and BP Group Email Subscription. Since doing this I can’t access my groups. The groups panel appears in the widget as expected, and there’s a live link to the group I want to visit. But what then [...]

  • A common gripe I have with a lot of group / forum platforms etc is the stark language used in managing members. Especially terms like “ban” – let alone “kick & ban” as buddypress appears to have. I appreciate the usefulness of that lingo if one is managing a large public network with a gazillion [...]

  • en0ch posted a new activity comment 4 years, 1 month ago

    OK, well things are looking up :) .. as of an update to the plugin ”BuddyPress Group Email Subscription” e-mail notifications are now working.

    If anyone responsible for the plugin reads this, I think I’d like to add a feature request .. The notifications only have a link to the post, so the recipient has to login and post their reply. I’d like to…[Read more]

  • en0ch posted an update in the group How-To and Troubleshooting: 4 years, 1 month ago

    Problems with group forum post notifications. [BTW please speak English ;) I'm not very geeky ]

    I’ve created a site for a very small non-profit organisation, and need to run a private group for an even smaller leadership group within that. Most members are non-techno – i.e they can handle e-mail just fine, but their online forum skills are ..…[Read more]

  • @marianbuchanan Only just found your reply .. thanks. I’m not quite geek enough to follow your instructions unguided ;) Can you please say it slowly in noob-speak .. what file is the stylesheet? and what wp folder would I find it in? and where exactly within the text of the document would I paste that line? [...]

  • Similar issue here. Created just one group. Couldn’t create topics at all – at first. (Error: “there was a problem creating the topic”, or similar ..) Then got over that one by reinstalling bbforum. But that’s the only joy. I also get the “no topics found” (and topics ‘0’), despite the topics arguably existing in [...]

  • I was a little surprised to note that, with the admin bar enabled, a visitor who’s not logged in to my site can successfully visit a random member. As far as I can tell there’s no way of turning this off. Granted, they don’t get a link to the member’s e-mail address; but I can [...]