• satanas147 posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    Sounds like the panel is not sliding… Do you have a javascript error or anything similar?

    You can customize the design pretty easily by editing update-content.php file… all the sections of the sliding panel are defined in this single file, and it’s really easy to understand how it works.
    The only issue is that you’ll probably need to make it…[Read more]

  • satanas147 posted an update 4 years ago

    @pollyplummer Hi,

    I’ve made a new rough and ready version of update-content.php, including a better fix
    If you want, I can send it to you by mail or any other solution you may prefer.

  • satanas147 posted a new activity comment 4 years ago

    Actually, it’s probably because you disabled the private messaging function.
    You can fix it by editing line 21 in buddypress-sliding-login-panel/update-content.php
    It looks like: if ( bp_has_message_threads(’per_page=2’) ) :
    and should be changed for: if ( bp_is_active( ’messages’ ) && bp_has_message_threads(’per_page=2’) ) :

    @pollyplummer : This…[Read more]

  • Hi, I’ve noticed, while trying to remove various basic functions of buddypress, that disabling “Friends” module of Buddypress cause the plugin to crash with this error message: Fatal error : Call to undefined function bp_get_friendship_requests() in /MY_INSTALLPATH/wp-content/plugins/buddypress-sliding-login-panel/update-content.php on line 110…[Read more]