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Allow email invitation registration when general registration is turned of

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    Having trouble with this feature of Invite Anyone in BuddyPress. I have BuddyPress installed via Commons In A Box (Version 1.0.6).

    I have researched this issue and still not found resolve. This thread seemed to address the issue but was not relevant as I did not change the slug on my register page or assign it a parent.

    I require site invitations by email only. Using a WordPress (Version 3.7.1) multisite network configuration where ‘Registration is disabled’. I have enabled ‘Allow email invitations to be accepted even when site registration is disabled’ at network/settings.php?page=invite-anyone

    I currently get the ‘User registration is currently not allowed.’ message when accepting email invitations (register/accept-invitation/

    I seem to recall this was working fine before I switched over to a multisite setup as I needed to enable the BuddyPress GroupBlog plugin.

    Have toggled theme and plugins with no luck. Would appreciate any help you can offer.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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