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Blog network spreads on different servers, with different databases. Am I able to install BuddyPress

  • Hi

    I’ve got several blogs on my network, and they’re hosted on 4 different servers (VPS), each one with its own database. As far as I know BuddyPress requires only one “master” installation of WordPress (MU is now part of the normal WP, of course) with one database. Am I wrong?

    What happens in my case? Would it be possible to install buddypress on all my different blogs/servers and share user credentials? For example, if one user logs in at blog1 on server1, could he use that credentials to log into blog2 on server2? Comments, friends, etc, would be also shared?

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    Sofian J. Anom


    In your case I think it’s impossible.

    As I know, you can only make multiple wordpress installation with single login only if you are using a single database. Therefore, if you want there is BuddyPress with a single user credential on each WordPress installation, then it’s only possible if you are also using a single database.

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    Andrea Rennick


    When mu was merged, it was renamed to a network. Sometimes it’s referred to as multisite, as that is what the functions are called. But the admin area is “network”.

    So your “network” is not the same as what we mean. ;)

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