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bug? wp_bp_activity table saves value of BP_MEMBERS_SLUG in the action text

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    Andy Bailey


    I recently changed the BP_MEMBERS_SLUG to something else but some links in the activity stream still point to the old value, I can see that the url gets written to the wp_bp_activity table with the value that was set at the time of the activity happening. Is this a bug or should changing the BP_MEMBERS_SLUG define be something that shouldn’t be changed half way through a site development?

    I just did a search replace on wp_bp_activity table to fix the problem of broken links, I assume all future links will be fine as long as I don’t change the BP_MEMBERS_SLUG value to something else.

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  • Not a bug; as you say, it depends on the state of the site/configuration when the activity was actually happened.

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