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Changing Group Name Doesn't Change Group Name Slug

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    I’m finally messing around with BuddyPress and created a group named BP Testers. I went in and edited the name to Sample, which works fine as the change reflects in the title, but the slug for the group is still bp-testers. Anyway to fix this?

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  • Only by editing the database. This was to avoid broken links etc in the activity streams, etc, and yes, there are probably better ways to handle this.

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    Thanks, I agree that there are better ways to handle this, because I’m guess that some folks will want to do this.

    I have just installed buddypress on a production site and created a few groups on it. Now a member had an issue with the group name so I had to change the name. But the URL group-slug is still the old name.

    I would really like the slug to reflect the new name.

    I can go into phpmyadmin and change it from the DB tables. I noticed wp_bb_forums and wp_bp_groups has the slug. Is there anywhere else where I should go and change the slug value?

    Thanks for creating such a cool software!

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    Andy Peatling


    I’d imagine we can sneak slug editing into the next version – this would be a great plugin as a temporary solution? We could perhaps even merge the plugin into the core if someone is interested in building it.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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