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Disable Global & Personal Activity Stream – Keep Group Activity. Possible Privacy Solution.

  • This is my first forum post so a huge thanks to all the developers and contributors… excellent stuff happening here.

    I’ve been wrestling with privacy issues, learning how BP processes updates, comments, etc. from the personal activity stream and I’ve decided I’d just like the feature gone.

    I’ve used the component feature “disable activity stream” but that takes out the group activity stream which seems more intuitive for the average user than going to “Forum” tab to have a group discussion or make group announcements.

    I think it helps my privacy issues because comments made in a public group would be assumed to be public as opposed to comments made in a personal activity stream which I think most would assume are private – but actually get filtered all over the place.

    Anybody have thoughts on this, if it’s possible, how difficult, where to start… I’m not a code person.

    Am operating with WP-3.31 — BP -1.54 — WPMU-Social Theme

    Thanks in advance,

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