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Feature Request: Could Comments to Blog Posts post to The Original Post in The Activity Stream?

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    This one is hard to write given the wording …

    Anytime a member of the site makes a blog post on their subdomain blog, an excerpt is posted as a status update in the Activity Stream – this is good :)

    When a member of the site comments on the blog post, the comment is listed in the Activity Stream as a separate status update – not so good :(

    Request: When a member posts a comment to a blog post *on* the blog, it should show up as a reply to the original poster’s post excerpt in the Activity Stream – that would be good :)

    Request: If comments are then listed on the original post’s excerpt in the Activity Stream, then being able to make a reply just within the Activity Stream should be turned off – for blog post updates only – don’t know if going that far is possible, but that would be good :)

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