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How can I use the ‘hide_sitewide’ function to hide certain activity types from showing up in the Sit

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    Hi guys,

    I just learned about the hide_sitewide functionality, and if I understand correctly it should allow you to hide certain activity types from showing up in the sitewide stream, but still show these items to the user’s friends/followers. Is this right?

    If so is there a snippet I could add to bp-custom.php or my theme, so I can strip down the global activity stream to only show useful info for non-logged in members (they don’t care who became friends with who etc).

    Has anyone done this, or could some smart php guy help me out with this (I’m just a poor “designer’).


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  • Hi poor designer

    Actually, hide_sitewide is used for two different things. Check for some detail. I’d recommend against touching it because it’s so fiddly at the moment, and instead work on filtering something appropriately. If no-one else beats me to it this evening, I’ll have a look where in the code things need to be changed

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    Hi not-so-poor Programmer,

    That stuff made my head spin. Exactly the reason why I became a poor designer. I kind of misunderstood the functionality as it seems, and so it is more to prevent dupes in the stream, and for hidden and private groups.

    I think the functionality described by me will be extremely useful for bigger communities. I’d rather not start blocking certain types of Activity Stream items ( and just show certain items to followers/friends only.

    So if you could do something magical to make that happen.. I think a lot of bigger BP communities will be pleased. Or just turn it into a plugin! (HINT HINT LOUD NOISES)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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