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how do I stop small images from blog post excerpts getting enlarged in the activity stream updates?

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    when it happened to be a small image printed at the beginning of the post (like a thin banner or smiley little face) in it’s size less then 100px, (25px, for example), then on the activity stream page it gets enlarged to a 100px and looks really ugly. I suggest the “if size is bigger then 100 px” correction to be made to an images handling code. I couldn’t find it.

    Roger Coathup commented:

    “The problem with image sizes is because a core function in BuddyPress is forcing activity images, that don’t have their height or width set explicitly, to be 100px high. The function causing the problem is bp_activity_thumbnail_content_images().

    I’ll raise this as problem in the forums or maybe bug trac.”

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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