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how would I retain the custom header when creating a child theme?

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    I read the tutorial on creating child themes (the one that the url was included in the style sheet of buddypress default theme). Very simple, I mean basically just import the two css files.
    Well i didnt even get any further because i did as the example showed and the site does look just like teh parent theme now.. The problem is that it doesnt show the logo anymore. Bfore i tried the child theme i had went to “Appearance, Custom header”… and added a logo to parent theme.. so now that i created the child style sheet (literally thats all there is so far), how do i get that logo back without redoing the custom header thing again,

    Just tryng to figure out the right way. of course i went into the custom header section and redid it, but just wondering what file would i need to bring into the child theme to retain those settings

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