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Member Profile Meta Key Value

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    I am using WPUF Pro and their Buddypress Integration Add On plugin to create a custom registration form for my Buddypress site. The add on maps registration fields to the Buddypress xprofile fields using a Meta Key. Unfortunatly I am having a hard time finding out what the Buddypress xprofile meta key should be so that the registration fields map correctly.
    Can someone tell me how to find the value for Buddypress member profile field meta keys? How to see the values in Buddypress or in DB?

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    Not sure what you mean by meta key, but…

    Use something like phpmyadmin to look at the database tables.

    There are 4 tables, for example wp_bp_xprofile_fields
    The info you need is in one or more of those tables.

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    The WPUF Pro plugin uses a field they are calling “Meta Key” on each of their user registration fields. The BP Integration Add On maps each of the custom registration fields to the Buddypress XProfile field. Unfortunately the value in the Meta Key field seems to be not syncing with whatever value Buddypress assigns to member profile fields. So I end up with two sets of member profile fields that are not updating correctly.
    So I am trying to locate the naming convention for Buddypress Extended profile fields or find out what each field is called. What the user meta value is I guess?
    I am installing PHP MyAdmin and will try to find there but hoped there was a naming convention or place to see this in the Admin.

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    David Bisset


    i share @shanebp confusion, there’s no naming convention (in BP I can refer to a BP field by it’s ID or what i named it). I wish i knew more about the BP Integration Add On.

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    Since WPUF Pro is a paid plugin I suggest you ask them for help.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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