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Multiple issues with “combo” custom site using BP forum…

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    I have a series of annoying issues that likely are caused by an inexperienced Dev building my BP site. It is a custom site .

    A key factor of the site is the establishment of the BP forum area.

    Issues are:
    -not able to create new forum in a group; I’ve searched and done MANY things to correct this-including the simple toggle of settings which worked once, but not on new groups.
    -establishing a private area of BP so non-logged in users can not see or access the info; I tried a few plugins, that are no longer being developed it seems and the one “Buddypress Registration options” just killed my site. I am frankly really surprised this is not a built in feature of BP as surely MANY private communities are using BP, no?
    -for some reason in the members list only 8 of the 9 are showing. Weird… why wouldn’t all be shown? There is nothing different about the one who is not in the list. BUT, if I choose to show alphabetically, voila, they appear.

    Any thoughts on these would be highly appreciated, thank you for viewing and responding!

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