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    I’m working with a client who is interested in converting their Ning 2.0 platform to BuddyPress.

    As far as I can tell, the best route is to export the data using Ning’s Network Archiver tool and then use “Import from Ning” tool to bring the data in. We would then look to add modules to bring the build up to the previous Ning level (they use blogs, groups, media, etc).

    However, a lot of the advice I’ve found seems to be older so I’m wondering if this is still the best method. Likewise, does anyone have any idea of how much developer time this would take to do (ballpark)? The client has around 35,000 / 27,000 members (2 language platforms) and 22,000 / 6000 discussions (2 language platforms).

    Thanks in advance.

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    Paul Gibbs


    Most of the old Ning -> BuddyPress stuff was, I guess, for their 1.0 version; it was all written a few years ago in reaction to some change on their end. I think you’re going to have to spend a bunch of time seeing if the old importers work — if they don’t, you’ll need to write one, or fix it up.

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