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private group posts not appear in site wide forum directory for users registered to that group

  • Hi, this is a bit similar to.

    I’m the admin, using Buddypress for an internal oranisation forum for a magazine in Dublin.

    Its a private buddypress installation.

    We have two categories of users on it. Theres an editorial board which is locked down to just editors and then more open boards that are public groups.

    For some reason, none of our users can see the latest posts in the site wide activity stream.

    Its a multi-site install, im the admin over the lot – and I can see the latest posts.

    This problem is destroying our internal discussion and is making me consider moving to vanilla forums or something.

    Ive spent days and nights trying to resolve this.

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  • Can someone tell me if there is a fix for this or if it is something that is due to be updated in a new release??????

    I’m trying to find an answer to this myself. I read something, somewhere that I forgot to bookmark, that basically said this is working as intended. But it seems like massive design flaw. It seems as if it should be able to be fixed, since I CAN see all groups as Admin.

    I’ve tried playing with stuff with user access plugins and I can’t find anything to toggle that helps. Assuming it is simply in the theme or plugin somewhere, but I can’t put it together.

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