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RAM usage on my site is kinda high, with only have like 10 active members on ever once in a while. 5

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    Micheal Kennedy


    I was on a shared account, and BuddyPress trampled that, but that was alright because I was of course in need of an VPS, but now the RAM usage is catching up. Perhaps I have too many processes running (50!) or something; or is it somehow because of BuddyPress and the almost-20 plugins I have installed (most are just small plugins, though)? Can I somehow optimize my site (allmad dot org) so it uses less RAM?

    Usage is below:

    Disk Usage: 13% (5.4 GB of 40 GB Used / 34.6 GB Free)
    Memory Usage: 66% (671.8 MB of 1 GB Used / 352.2 MB Free)
    Bandwidth Usage:0% (2.4 GB of 500 GB Used / 497.6 GB Free)

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