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Really, how to hack and fix the broken and odd workflow quickly?

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    An user has blog posts and photo posts (bp album) on WP+BP site.
    When the user replies to a photo post or favorits a photo post directly in the album, the activity stream also gets updated. *BUT* when he does so in a blog post (he can reply only but not favorite there) things are not updated in the activity stream.
    When an user replies to a photo post (bp album) from activity stream or favorits it from activity stream it also shows under the actual photo post BUT in blog post this does not happen or cannot be done.
    This is very confusing to say the least!

    Also how to show Favorite count and who has favorited list, with a link to more if the list is more than say,10.
    Can someone post a quick work around? Will BP 1.3 come with a fixed workflow?

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    Paul Gibbs


    The current implementation is as intended, and to that aim, it works. There is an option in the wp-admin BuddyPress > Settings, “Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts”, which will prevent activity stream commenting on blog and forum post activity item, which offers you a kind-of workaround to the current behaviour.

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