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Removing "Last Activity" for all but…

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    Hey Everyone,

    I was afraid the “Last Active” information might come across as invasive to some users who wanted to quickly check their profiles without responding to messages, friend request, etc. So I figured out;

    “#buddypress span.activity { display: none; }”

    Added to my Child Theme’s style.css would solve this without effecting the the “Activity” time-stamps. Unfortunately I just realized this also removed the message time-stamp information which is pretty important.

    1. Is there anyway to either remove the “Last Active” data from everything except the messages?
    2. Or, is it possible to to use the “span.time-since” (The time information the activity stream uses) for the Message feature of BuddyPress in place of the “span.activity” it currently uses?

    The site uses,
    WordPress Multisite 3.8.1 + BuddyPress 1.9.2. This will take you right to my profile,

    Thanks for any and all your help!

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