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Request (paying money if need) cookies for domain mapping

  • Avatar of Unsal Korkmaz
    Unsal Korkmaz


    lets say; is main wpmu site is domain mapped of site.

    i want to give cookies to for commenting. that can be temporary, like expire 10min later or something.

    why i want it? i want to use domain mapping some blogs but i dont want my visitors need to login every mapped domain to comment.

    i am thinking its possible with buddypress but really not enough php skill to handle it. i am ready to pay for a good solution

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  • Avatar of Paul Gibbs
    Paul Gibbs


    Ye cannot share cookies across domains. The only way would involve a redirect from one domain to the other, and back again, when you log in. I’m going to close this thread as it’s a request for work and anyone interested can contact you through this site.

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