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[Resolved] How can admin upload an avatar for an user? No such option in backend, no clue where & ho

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    I am sure many of you already had the problem: not so savy internet users who are members of your community and just “do not get it” how to upload that stupid image for their avatar.
    They don’t know the difference between html and jpeg or between 30KB and 30 MB …

    So the issue is … there is NO option for the admin to go to that user profile and upload the stupid avatar himself! Sounds logical that such a function must have been part of buddypress, but for whatever reason it’s not … and the way avatars are saved makes it impossible to just paste an image URL in the database somwhere .. because there is no such “somewhere” …

    How did you solve the issue? Anyone can please help?

    Thank you so much!

    PS: using the older BuddyPress, before 1.5

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    As admin you should be able to visit any account and edit the users avatar – you should see a link on the buddybar or wp adminbar labelled ‘Admin Options’ or ‘Edit Member’ with a link to edit users avatar, that should present you with the function to upload a new image from local machine; however don’t ask me if that’s the case pre 1.5 as can’t remember and with BP you are advised really to keep up to date with releases as a lot is changing and improving from release to release.

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    Hi Hugo,
    Thanks for looking into it. I have no bars though, disabled those long ago because I found them annoying and confusing.

    But thanks a lot for the tip, I just went into one user profile over the frontend, than added /change-avatar in the end of the URL, and … it worked!

    Thanks again !

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