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[Resolved] How to remove wordpress admin and go back to the buddypress version

  • I have recently upgraded to the new 1.6 buddypress and i decided to activate the word press admin bar. However i don’t like it and want to go back to the buddypress one.

    I cant seem to find the setting to do this, can someone please help.

    P.S love the new version

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    There are a lot more features with the new admin bar merge and I think I’m right in saying at some point the fall back of going to the BuddyBar will be removed. However, in the meantime @r-a-y posted this snippet a few days ago that should help:

    Add the following code snippet in your /wp-content/plugins/bp-custom.php:

    `add_filter( ‘bp_use_wp_admin_bar’, ‘__return_true’ );`

    Sorry that didnt work

    Fixed it just a formatting problem from when you posted the code. Thanks a bunch

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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