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There are a few sentences that I can\'t translate! pt_BR

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    I’m using wpmu 2.8.6 with bp 1.1.3, but I have some problems with the translation…

    I used the .pot file distributed with the plugin and translated to Brazilian Portuguese, but I have a few sentences that I don’t know why they’re not translated cause I’ve translated all the .pot file…

    My question is… Does anyone know where can I find these sentences? and… Can I insert these sentences to the English file to translate?

    The sentences are:

    1. Send To (Username or Friend’s Name) (We find this sentence in the Compose Message)…. However I’ve searched all the messages files and I couldn’t find this sentence… and also… It’s not in the .pot file

    2. Sending Message… (We find this when we reply some message)… I have the same problem… I can’t find this sentence anywhere and It’s not in the .pot file

    I appreciate some help…

    Sorry I don’t have any links but I’m developing in my local machine before I upload everything on my server…


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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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