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TinyMCE question, using bbpress sitewide forums and buddypress group forums

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    I am currently working on placing a buddypress installation on top of an existing bbpress / wp site. We are continuing to use buddypress sitewide forums for our site, with buddypress group forums for some more private conversations.

    Got most of everything working, but noticed that in our sitewide forums we have rich text (TinyMCE) editing, but in our buddypress group forums, it is plain text. Being reasonably new to buddypress, is this a feature? Any way of getting rich text in our buddypress group forums?

    bbPress Version 2.1.2
    BuddyPress Version 1.6
    WordPress Version 3.4.1

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  • Not out of the box. If you are creating a *brand new* BuddyPress site, you don’t need to use the Group Forums at all. I recommend that you:

    1) Go to Settings > BuddyPress > components, disable the “Group Forums” component. Save.
    2) Go to the Pages menu, and delete the “Forums” page which BuddyPress would have created for you.
    3) Go to Settings > bbPress settings, and scroll right down to the bottom. You’ll see a box labelled something like “enable BuddyPress integration”. Tick it, save.
    4) That’s all!

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    Thanks for answer and how to set in buddypress group forums rich text (TinyMCE) editing

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