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Users not showing on site after registration

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    Sean Infinitee


    Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide!!

    My site specs:
    WP: 3.5
    BP: 1.7.1
    Theme: Custom Community Pro

    BP Registration Options v.4.0
    BuddyPress User Account Type Pro (BUATP) 1.0.4

    After completing registration successfully, neither user account type (DJ, Fan) are showing anywhere on the site. I am using a the BP Registration Options plugin to moderate member requests, and BuddyPress User Account Type Pro to allocate users to their respective page. I’m guessing this is a problem with the BUATP plugin, which I have been complaining for almost a year to get support from the plugin author to no avail. I have been teaching myself PHP and CSS to fix as many issues as I can, but this one has me stumped as it would seem the basic functionality of BuddyPress is broken. Not sure if this is because of some kind of conflict within the theme’s template files, my plugins, or a nasty combination of all of the above. Please help! So close, yet so far from finally being able to launch my site :(

    Thanks again!!

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    Sean Infinitee


    Ok-after some more troubleshooting figured out that new users don’t show up on the site as having registered until they’ve logged in for the first time…is there any way to change this so that they still show up as being a new user without having to login first?

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