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Why does Buddypress use redirection links in activities ?

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  • Primarily because it makes the URL match that of the component that generated the activity. If you think search engines have issues with 302 redirects, I would be very surprised, but if you can provide some evidence and make a ticket on, we can see if there’s anything that we can do.

    It was only a question, because Google Webmaster Tools tell me I must give the bot only the primary link, and only one, instead of 2. I would be kind with bots, but I don’t want to create a miss in my site. It’s not a trouble in BuddyPress, and a ticket wouldn’t be not justified. Thank’s for your help :-) !

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    How would we be able to understand how to solve issues with activity links (where it says ‘view’ in the stream) redirecting to the home page? Not all of them are doing it, but a good enough number. I guess even (1) would be considered a bug.

    I am using BP 1.2.9 with WP 3.2.1 multisite atm – made the upgrade this weekend and running into these issues..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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