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bbPress menu: parent not highlighting

  • Mitesh Patel


    I know it should go to bbPress or even WordPress forum, but I am posting this here as I see more chances of being it answered here, although, if mods decide I should post it there, I would.

    I am developing with wp 3.5, bp 1.6.4, bbp 2.3 locally. I am using bp-default child theme (for just a few css changes, it’s essentially bp-default) with customized menu (not default buddypress menu, but one created from appearance > menu admin area). I have created a page called “community” and created pages called members, activity, group-forums etc. for buddypress as ‘sub-page’ of this ‘community’ page. This works perfectly.

    I am also using bbPress for site-wide and group forums. Thus, to show my forum index, I have created a page called ‘Forums’ and I display forums with bbp-forum-index shortcode on this “Forums” page. This ‘Forums’ page is NOT a subpage of ‘Community’ (or any other) page, but I have put it under ‘community’ menu item – as it’s part of community logically/semantically.

    The problem is that, if I go to the forums by clicking the forums link in communty > forums sub-menu Item, it does show the forums correctly, but the community item in the manu is not highlighted as current item, as it does for all the buddypress components. For example, even if I am on, the ‘community’ menu item is highlighted. but if I am on (forum index), the community tab isn’t highlighted.

    What can I do to solve this problem?

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  • Ben Hansen


    i could be wrong but i don’t think you actually want to create a page for site wide bbpress forums only for the group forums if you are using them. As you can see here:

    the parent menu item should be highlighted on that page as it should be for all sub menu items none of our buddypress pages are children of our community “page” which is actually just our members page.

    Mitesh Patel


    Thanks @ubernaut. Yes, that’s a nice idea, but I do want to use site-wide forums.

    The page structure is like this, but with more pages


    Anyway, I don’t think it’s going to be possible without some devine intervention :), as I noticed in site, the ‘discussion’ menu is highlighted only when you select it (the page is forum-index). When you go any deeper (select a forum or a topic), the highlight get’s lost, so the issue is, the custom menu is not able to acquire/implement the hierarchy info, which may or may not have been provided by bbpress itself.

    The same problem is there with the link you posted as well. On the other hand, all the buddypress menus and sub-menus and sub-sub-menus can correctly highlight the parent ‘community’ page. So, it’s a bbPress/forum specific issue.

    Ben Hansen


    ya i guess you’re right probably something to create a trac ticket for but i’m not sure if that would be bbpress trac ticket or buddypress. maybe create a ticket for buddypress if they reject it then submit to bbpress.

    Mitesh Patel


    There was an old trac ticket I came across a few days ago, but can’t find now. Will post a link, if I do.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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