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how do i move one site’s content to a dif. site?

  • freddy mcbob


    I have 2 buddypress sites. But I want to move all my content from the first site to the second site (including: activity feed updates, groups, forums, except members.) How do i do this?

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  • Roger Coathup


    Your items (activity, groups, etc.) will all have member IDs in them, and other key fields.

    If you try to move those tables without moving the members table as well, you will lose all the keys, and the items will not function correctly.

    If you want to move them ‘programmatically’ and assign the items to different members, you will need to write a very sophisticated import routine — remember some items such as activity updates have multiple ID fields that you’ll need to manage.

    freddy mcbob


    iv managed to move the members table with SQL but do i move all the other stuff i want to move with SQL also?

    Roger Coathup


    Using phpmyadmin.. Export your tables to file on the source site, and import from that file on the destination site.
    There are plenty of tutorials on moving a WordPress site.. Have a Google.

    I just got done doing this last night with one of my sites. It was PAINFUL because I created a few users first before doing the import. This unfortunately led to me having to renumber a LOT of records that linked posts (including activity) to individual users. For what it’s worth, here are the tables that I moved using phpMyAdmin that seemed to get everything I was looking for:

    Assuming a prefix of wp_ for your database (mine was not and yours shouldn’t be either so change as necessary):

    wp_bp* (everything here was critical for activities, existing friendships, etc.)
    wp_usermeta (this was critical to get the users to show up in the members list)
    wp_users (duh)

    The big question is why did you want to not bring the users over? Everything you mention initially is tied to a user: activity, forum posts (unless you just want the empty forums themselves, that’s easy) and even groups (someone had to create them). What are you really trying to accomplish and maybe we can help with a little better understanding :-)

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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