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jquery problem

  • I got several plugins that seem to load jquery without checking if it is already loaded thus loading it multiple times and actively breaking functionality…
    some plugins, like gpress have an option to disable jquery loading if one knows its already loaded…

    Now what do I do about those plugins that don’t check?

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  • modemlooper


    Tell the developer of the plugins so they can check.

    its quite a hassle but I am usually doing that. ’cause some plugins load jquery everywhere, some load it only in certain parts of the website :-( takes a while to find all problematic ones…



    It really doesn’t matter where or when jquery is loaded as long as the plugin developer is using wp_enqeue_script to load it. That’ll solve the problems you have, so I’d notify the plugin author and tell him/her about the enqeue functions.

    ok, I heard about that. its just that some plugin authors don’t have a comment form or a contact page.
    I thought there might be a way from stopping those plugins without hacking them but I see the answer is to notify the authors.

    thanks to all of you guys.



    Then I’d use the forum here for a BP plugin or the WP forums.

    Oh, just hit another wall: it seems I activated some plugin that loads jquery despite it being loaded already but I can’t determine which plugin it is.
    any way to find it without disabling all plugins one by one?



    @ovizii, do you have a link to the site? Go to your site, view the source. Check if any plugins have tried to load jquery in within the tags of the site.

    tried that already, all I see is that some jquery components were loaded from the google repo. no idea which one. But I found the culprit and have mailed the author already he’s gonna have a new version out tonight. took me 30 mins deactivating all plugins then reactivating one-by-one and checking which one was loading what…
    I know that some plugins wrap their calls in html comments but this one didn’t..

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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