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Setting Users as subscribers automatically?

  • Hello,
    Thanks a lot for this great plugin! I was wondering if there is a way to make it so new users that register on a site automatically get assigned the role of subscriber?

    I want users to automatically be assigned as a subscriber (so they can create events)…so I dont have to go through and add there e-mail manually.
    here is my site so far:

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  • Initial user roles is a WP aspect, check your WP general settings page.

    hmm I don’t see Initial user roles anywhere in general settings. I have multisite enabled, and I don’t see it anywhere in the Network Admin section either.

    Any other suggestions?

    It’s an option tied to the registration process, you get to enable or disable site registration and then to set what role is assigned to new signups. It will be part of the admin settings for sites rather than network admin if memory serves correctly

    Apologies you are right MS doesn’t give the same options, network admin settings screen does perform the register enable function but I can’t see how to set a default signup role – another reason perhaps that I dislike MS so much, the backend just doesn’t work.

    You can try this though go to you’ll find ‘default_role’ in there which you can change – likely you have to do that for each site though.

    ok thanks, will try. I did multi-site because I was under the impression that you needed multi-site if you wanted your users to beable to create events? Is this true?


    ‘Events’ isn’t a feature of BuddyPress as such nor of WP so can’t really advise on that – I presume this is a custom plugin, perhaps something like buddyvents? which I think can make use of blogs for events but not sure that’s a mandatory requirement.

    hmmm now I’m wondering if I misread when I thought multi-site was required for subscribers to create their own events. Guess I could re-install and start over since I haven’t added much content yet.



    In our experience – buddyvents is buggy and very resource intensive.
    After much frustration, we switched to

    Buddypress Setup

    @shanebp ‘truly awful’ is a rather strong turn of phrase, the developer is quite well known in the community and might be upset by that ;) – I’ve no actual experience of the plugin so can offer no opinion either way.



    Hugo – I’ve seen other posts that were even more forceful on that topic, but I’ve made an edit, ok ?
    { I could get very specific and spare you the need for actual experience – lol }

    > I’ve seen other posts that were even more forceful on that topic

    😆 fair dues – I’ll forgo the experience though :)

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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