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Site Wide Activity and sub domains

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    Hi All,

    I have minor issues with my BP install…. I am slowly getting the admin process worked out….

    I used donncha’s plugin for sub domain redirect and it works a treat (I had to rewrite my brain a little) The only issue I have is that it doesn’t redirect any links from site wide activity to blogs that I host…

    so e.g. redirect to is ok 301 permanent

    But from my site wide activity the urls are and not

    so what I want is to be able to redirect all links to the permanent to avoid any duplicate content from sub domain, my target is to have only the accessible full time.

    I have tried to redirect using .htaccess but to no avail, all urls work if I manually type them…

    All assistance and help appreciated in advance…

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    Trent Adams


    I know what you mean. I am actually in the middle of playing around with Donncha’s plugin for a couple of other reasons and have noticed this one. The reason I think it doesn’t redirect the main blog is because it only sets the as the siteurl when it has links created. It might mean that instead of using Donncha’s plugin you might have to manually change the blog URL to and manually update bp blogs tables. It is something that needs to be addressed, but I personally need the original domain of due to a couple of other reasons and only want the mapped domain up front, not in the dashboard. Different strokes eh? !

    You should be able to manually put something in your .htaccess to convert all links from to though as I did this before the domain mapping when I was just using proxy.


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    trent apologies for the delay in reply, I have been busy rewriting my BP into lighttpd with a lot of success…. I hope you can tell how you did the rewrite, I could get tit to work for top level domain but to get it working for posts proved to be hard…..

    I think the plugin is the way to go as splitting the blogs is a pain and difficult to manage…..

    thanks for your feedback at least am not totally barking mad..

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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