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Trouble shooting Buddypress.

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    I have been designing a site with Buddypress for the last few months and am quite happy with it’s abilities. However, how do you troubleshoot Buddypress? Meaning, as the administrator, I have rarely come across any errors when testing plugins, using the components, etc. But now that I have about 20 people trying it out, occasionally I will get feedback that they encountered an error, mostly in uploading photos, which is no big deal, but a bigger problem being an error occurring where they are locked out of the network. Meaning, they are logged out and when they return to log in they are not recognized, password doesn’t work and they cannot get a new password sent to them.
    How do I begin to figure out what the problem may be and solve it? Looking for anyone’s suggestions here. Thanks.
    Also, are there people who can check a buddypress website and find all the problems/issues that need to be worked out?

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