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Upgrading Buddypress – Wizard Problem

  • During the upgrade everything was fine, but I can not run the Wizard.

    I noticed that the paths in the wizard links are without the “/network/” which ends up directing me to an error page.

    How solve this issue?

    I use WordPress 3.2.1 configured to mulstisite.

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    Boone Gorges


    Is there anything special about your setup? Did your WP installation used to be WPMU? Do you have the following in any of your config files:
    `define( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );`


    My WP are configured to be WPMU.

    Yes, I have this code in my wp-config:

    define ( ‘BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG’, true );
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    Boone Gorges


    Why do you have BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG enabled? Do you really need it? (You only need it if you are going to be using a BP theme, with groups, members, etc, on more than one blog on the network.) If you comment that line out, I bet your wizard will start working.

    That said, the fact that it doesn’t work for BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG could be a bug. I’ve opened a ticket so it can be checked out.

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    I was able to update 1.5 from 1.2.10 on my multisite (3.2.1) install. I didn’t face any errors during the wizard aside from a conflict with non BP related plugin. My site also has BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG set to true on wp-config.php since before the update.

    Thanks Boone Gorges!

    A comment the line about enable multiblog and the wizard runs well. I really need the Multiblog feature in my website and I will uncomment the line after. I have problems to make BP-compatibility runs, but now they are solved.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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