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Adding functionalities on BuddyPress Profile Options

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    Ephramar Telog


    I was looking on the site of TribLocal ( under the user’s “Contributions” link

    I’m still a newbie in Theming WP & BP and was amazed on its functionality

    May I ask some hints or ideas on how to achieve the same functionality for my own liking? I already saw a plugin that’s running on WordPress (WP Front End Post) but that is only limited to WordPress alone. Observing the link generated by the TribLocal, ({username}/community/manage/) I’m not sure if the plugin is integrated to BuddyPress or some sort of HTACCESS edits

    Are there any plugins for BuddyPress that supports this kind of functionality?

    Thanks for any help

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)

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