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Buddypress closed with the possibility for new registrations that wait for approuval

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    Hello from Paris,

    I’m looking for a technical solution (plugins ?) in order to :

    - have my social network totally closed to non registered members (no page may by seen if not registered)
    - but with the possibility for someone to register all his profil (without the possibility to see the insight of the network)
    - and then that I may accept or not the new member before he may navigate into the network.

    A bit like what it is possible with ning : as new comer may register and then waits until approuval to be able to go into the network.

    I’ve found 3 plugings up to now :

    - BP-Registration-Options
    - Registered Users Only
    - Restricted access

    I’m a bit lost because if I have well undertood, these plugings send the no-register to the login page and then we are not able to display the register.php page.

    And I want the new user to be able to go to the register.php page.

    Do you have an idea how to do it ?


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