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BuddyPress Forum 404 Errors Fixed After Visiting “Settings”->”Forum”

  • I have a BuddyPress installation with forums activated. Everything works great, except from time-to-time the forum urls give us 404 errors.

    One minute the works great, the next minute, it gives me a 404 error. The only way to get the urls to work again is to simply visit the BuddyPress Forum Settings page in wp-admin. That is right – visit. We don’t need to save the settings or anything; simply visiting the forum settings page fixes the 404 errors.

    Any ideas on what might be causing this problem?

    Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this?


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  • FYI, I am using WP 3.4.1 with BP 1.5.6.

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    Paul Gibbs


    Don’t know. There’s nothing magic hidden on the forums setting page.

    Thanks for the reply, Paul.

    Here is a 30-second screencast I made showing the issue in action as well as the weird solution.

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    Strange. What about regular members? Can they see forums page?

    Also, since you’re not using Group Forums, disable Discussion Forums in menu BuddyPress > Components. Go back to your sitewide forums page and check if it’s working properly.

    @mercime – We are using group forums. We are, however, rewriting the urls using the forum slug constant in wp-config.php.

    It is weird, because this is only happening on our DEV environment. It seems to be working fine on LIVE.

    Any other thoughts? Possible avenues to explore?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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