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BuddyPress Template Pack

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    (second try from someone that was just trying to do too many things at once, sorry)

    I am trying to get my single user 2.9.2 wordpress theme work with your latest version of buddypress.

    I am using the BuddyPress Template Pack and am at “stage 3″, “fixing alignment”.

    I’ve identified the files that I need to edit from and edit to.

    Now I “will need to change the HTML structure in the BuddyPress templates that I copied into my theme to match the structure in my page.php”

    I know the instructions say “Make note of the HTML template structure of the file, specifically the <div> tags that surround the content and sidebar”, but I guess I am just too novice to really understand what is being talked about.

    I have started by trying to edit the activity/index.php with what I think might be the right changes, uploading it back to the directory on line and reloading the page to see if my changes have taken effect and so far they haven’t.

    I guess this means one of two things:

    1) my editing of the file isn’t right (highly likely)


    2) this method will not show changes to the way the page is displayed until some other or all files are edited.

    Could anyone please help me?

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    I am having this exact same problem. I am fluent in html and css but it doesn’t matter what I do to …mythemefolder/activity/index.php, none of the changes are displayed. I’m attempting to view my work by going to the nav bar at the top and choosing “My Account > Activity”. I feel like hkcharlie and myself are missing something as the instructions in Step Three are very straightforward and this should be really simple to implement. Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks in advance for your time.

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    Andrea Rennick


    There’s also /members/single/home.php

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    OK – I think I have it working, but when any of the buddy press pages are enetered it takes over the whole template, all the widget columns are removed and the buddypress theme takes up all of the space right up to the very edge of the website. There is no padding for the buddypress pages and it looks a little wierd.

    Also, is the forum available for the version ?

    Any ideas?

    Exact same thing with me! I understand how to change but absolutely nothing will take effect.
    I was changing the files in the bp_template-pack folder but you actually need to change the files (for example the first one in step 3) here:


    Took me to reading step 3, 50 times before this was apparent- not sure if this is what was happening to you but this was my problem.. anyways hope that helps…

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    I’ve using the buddypress template pack and I still have this message:

    BuddyPress is ready. You’ll need to activate a BuddyPress compatible theme to take advantage of all of the features. We’ve bundled a default theme, but you can always install some other compatible themes or upgrade your existing WordPress theme.

    What changes do I need to make to get rid of this message.

    Thanks in advance.

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    When you activate the template, it figures out which is your current theme. It puts its own theme files (found in the buddypress plugin subdirectory themes/bp-default) into your theme’s directory.

    I downloaded the /themes/bp-default files to my hard drive, made the changes there, and then uploaded the files and folders in that directory to my theme, replacing what the BP Template plugin already placed there and it’s working fine and dandy.

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    Also to get rid of that annoying message, the BP plugin clearly states that you must put the tag “buddypress” in the Tag: section of your theme’s stylesheet, AFTER you have made the suggested changes.

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    I am using latest wordpress 3.0.1 and default twentyten child theme and all i did was transfer folders using buddypress theme pack and go in menu and create a custom menu and use it as primary menu add all the pages in menu and than create custom links for buddypress like for /activity /members/ /forums and so on and they work fine.

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    Hey, I’ve just installed BuddyPress and BuddyPress Template Pack on the “Imbalance” theme It said the install was successful whilst I was setting it up but still displays “BuddyPress is ready. You’ll need to activate a BuddyPress compatible theme to take advantage of all of the features. We’ve bundled a default theme, but you can always install some other compatible themes or upgrade your existing WordPress theme.”

    The main issue is that after I’ve installed the template package no options are appearing to create a forum or group, the only options coming up in the Buddypress dropdown in the dashboard are; General Settings, Component Setup, Forums Setup, Profile Field Setup and I can’t do anything with any of them except Profile Field. I’m thinking it might be because I don’t know if my ” bbPress tables are in the same database as my WordPress tables”, I don’t seem to be able to work it out.

    Really really need help with this, hope someone can!


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    Too get rid of theme notice, where is says this in style.css

    Theme Name: Imbalance
    Theme URI:
    Version: 1.18
    Description: Designed by WPSHOWER
    Author: WPSHOWER
    Author URI:

    add this right below Author
    Tags: buddypress

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    I have just installed buddypress and it is not working properly, what am I doning wrong. For instance, there are no pages for posting updates like this, creating groups and forums post. What am I supposed to be doing. I installed on top of WordPress 2010 theme and used the compatibility packā€¦ What am I missing. When user log on it does not show the My Account/ Notification menu at all, it still showing the login in /sign up menu strip on top of the page. What am doing wrong. Please help

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    BuddyPress and BuddyPress template pack are two separate plugins. Do you have both installed?

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    Tony Locke


    well, I don’t know what part of the file to change. I loaded the compatibility plugin templates, loaded the BP Sidebar plugin, even got the theme tag-ged buddypress to get rid of the message.

    when I open up the widgets I see the Buddypress sidebar widgetized areas, but no matter what I place in there I can’t get them to show.

    I guess I need to learn how to “make note of the HTML template structure of the file, specifically the

    tags that surround the content and sidebar.”

    will someone hold my hand through that process please?

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    The Buddypress Template Pack can insert the Buddypress CSS and JS in your theme. That’s likely the step you are missing.

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