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Does anyone undertsand how this BP support site works ??!

  • I am sorry but this site is one the most user-unfriendly sites I have ever seen so far ..

    I never know where I am – am I in a group, in a forum, is a profile, !?!?
    How can I post things to the right topic !?? Search does not always help, than it’s impossible to find links as of where to post!

    There is a box called “post update” which I cannot understand which purpose it serves, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to post any kind of update tehre (“There was a problem posting your update, please try again”. – blup, that was it)

    Could anyone post a “how to” somewhere, to be found without having 2 search !??!

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  • We know there are many issues with the site. Several of us have been working hard on various things to improve the experience.

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    Don’t use status updates. If you want help find the appropriate forum and post.

    Please.. i need help… don’t know how to get my way around here..
    how do I change the front color or the background color of buddypress in wordpress theme? How can i extend membership sign up questions?


    “If you want help find the appropriate forum & post” … well, that’s quite part of the problem …. when you manage to find smth over the search, there’s no way you can reply / post to that topic in many cases.

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    @brygiles please start a new topic where you should also provide more information so we can assist you. Like: WP/BP version? WP theme used? Site URL?

    @candy2012 Sorry for the inconvenience, this site is in transition. In the meantime, Google has indexed our forums pretty well. e.g. Google candy2012 and some keywords

    OMG, finally a support site that’s worse than what you get at…yes, I too can’t find my way around here. No wonder everyone uses the ’90s-looking phpBulletin software for a forum! Can’t believe this BuddyPress is from the same folks behind WordPress — but then again, maybe the WordPress site was a mess at first, too….

    Part of the problem is that everyone’s (that is, everyone “normal” and not on Facebook all the time) expecting a standard forum with an orderly hierarchy whereas this BuddyPress way of doing things is…chaotic.

    TireKicker.. behave. I keep opening new topics and I see this sort of unhelpful and rude message posted on each.

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    Thanks Paul, I was in the process of putting on my boots to go find me some ah ‘dem har tires to kick! ;-) I am very much a newbie and do understand the frustration but that energy could be more productively spent. Anyway, Boone did a couple great Buddypress presentations which can be found on WordPress TV. Also, there’s a Buddypress for Dummies book. Both provide good foundational material even though neither are up-to-date. But I think that’s awesome because it means we’ve got some very committed people in this community who are intent on continuous improvement.


    I got one e-mail from you just now regarding my “second warning”…do you realize that I don’t keep up with your friggin’ life so it’s only now with that e-mail that I see a bunch of threats on your personal activity stream or whatever you call it — until then I had no idea commiserating with a fellow would-be prospective user was a crime….

    Anyway, don’t worry, I’ve already abandoned your little echo chamber of a sandbox here for Simple:Press.

    Good luck selling ButtPress to normal people!

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    99.999% of support topics are not even BuddyPress related, that being said, give the people, like myself, who come here daily and try to help some respect.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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