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Fix 1.1rc BP core member and group widgets to work in non-BP themes again

  • I created the Trac item for this and copying the issue description here as well.

    Setup: WPMU 2.8.4a

    BP: 1.1-rc (upgraded from 1.0.3)

    Main Blog Theme: Atahualpa 3.4.3 (the blog installed in root)

    Buddypress: is installed on a separate blog (i changed BP_ROOT_BLOG in plugins/bp-custom.php) and I use the new theme architecture. Active blog theme: bp-default

    I placed the BP core member widget and BP core group widget in my main Atahualpa-themed blog.

    Problem #1:

    It seems that the style declaration is missing from 1.1-rc (it used to be in 1.0.3 and made these widgets look fine)

    .widget_bp_core_members_widget ul#members-list li {

    min-height: 60px;


    Without this style, the 1.1rc widgets look broken (text overlaps with images)

    Problem #2:

    The Newest/ Active / Popular links in the member and group widget point to <domain>/members (etc) instead of <domain>/<bp_root_blog>/members. When I click on them, the requests time out because of max redirects.

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