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General BP+MultiSite Questions

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    I’m a longtime WP user, but a BP newbie with some general questions about using BuddyPress and Multi-Site. I want to use BP on the main site of a multi-user installation. When I do that will my BP users have all of their activity tied together from the entire network?

    Once they log in will they be able to do the following and have this activity show up in their activity streams?:

    Comment on the main site
    Comment on the subsites of the Multisite network
    Comment in a BBPress forum on the main site

    Also, if anyone can point me to any good guides or blog posts on bp + multisite, I’d love to read more about it. Thank you!

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    Yes, BP will track activity of members in subsites.

    Yes to: comment on main site where commenting is available like in activity streams and blog posts by default plus in customized BP components created by plugin if it is included.

    In subsites, commenting on blog posts only if it is not disabled in Settings>Discussion of that subsite.

    Forum posts show up in main site’s activity stream. Super admin can disable commenting about that forum post in activity to direct member to comment/reply directly in the forums to keep the forum conversation centralized.

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