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How can I allow Group admins to add members to groups without an invitation?

  • Hello! I am using BuddyPress to set up a website in which I want Group admins to be able to add members to groups without sending the member an invitation and requiring their approval. (I know this is usually bad user experience, but there is a good reason for it in this case, I promise. :)

    I have looked at InviteAnyone, which gets me one step closer to my goal because it allows Group admins to invite anyone without requiring them to be Friends first. But I want to go one step further and remove the invitation process when adding someone to a group. Is there a plugin or a simple tweak that could do this?

    (I found one related thread, but it is 2+ years old and the solution did not work when I tried to implement it on the latest version of the InviteAnyone plugin:

    Thank you in advance!! :)

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