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Is there any facebook fan page like plugin for wordpress?

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    Barry Gill


    can u please tell is there any wordpress plugin which creates fan pages exactly like facebook fan pages…i mean it allow users to create a company or institutional etc. fan pages. thanks

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    Hi Barry,
    sorry to begin with a bad news: buddypress is buddypress and facebook is facebook. To have the same as FB, you have… FB !
    But the trend is the trend and you’re not alone to ask for the same thing. So a plugin still exist that allows you to create an administer your Facebook fan pages directly from WordPress.
    This is the nearest i know so far to respond to your question ” which creates fan pages exactly like facebook”
    Unfortunately, the plugin’s FAQ tells
    Will this plugin work with BuddyPress?
    Meh, yes and no. We’ve had reports that it does look odd and behaves strangely in BuddyPress.
    Should be tested, huh ?

    So you have probably to imagine your own solution after grabing a bit here:

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