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Need installation instructions for setting up “independent” BP social networks

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    I want to have 100s of totally independent and segregated BP social networks using single install of WP/Multisite/BP and need instruction on how to proceed. All BP networks have their own unique domains such as,, etc.

    What is the sequence of installing different things from below:

    1. Install WP with Multi-site enabled
    2. Install Buddypress
    3. Install plugin:
    Installation instructions
    4. Purchase/Install plugin: Networks+

    * X2 theme from themekraft – purchased
    * Hosting from WPEngine – Professional plan – purchased

    Q1: What is the sequence of installing everything from the above?

    Q2: Then do I install the X2 theme Last or after the step 1 (i.e. install WP with Multisite)?

    Q3: Is there any post I can refer to so I do it correctly?

    Q4: Is there anyone who can help me install this? I can pay a moderate fee if someone sets it up for me. In this case, please contact me at rbhanot1 – AT-

    I am newbie, so please bear with me.
    Thank you for your help.

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